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20' Single Trip Shipping Container (Brisbane)

20' Single Trip Shipping Container (Brisbane)

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šŸ“¦ Introducing Your Perfect Storage Solution: 20ft Shipping Container Special! šŸ“¦

Are you in need of secure, reliable, and spacious storage or shipping containers? Look no further! We've got the ideal solution for you.

šŸ” Key Features:

āœ… Easy Open Doors: Say goodbye to the hassle of stubborn doors. Our containers come with smooth-opening doors for easy access.

šŸ”’ Lockbox: Keep your valuables safe and sound with the added security of a lockbox, ensuring your peace of mind.

šŸ’Ø Additional Vents: Maintain optimal airflow and prevent moisture buildup with extra vents.

šŸŒ¬ļø Wind & Water Tight: Our containers are built to withstand the harshest conditions, keeping your belongings safe and dry.

šŸ­ Vermin-Proof: Don't let pests sneak in. Our containers are vermin-proof to protect your goods.

šŸ—ļø Structurally Sound: You can trust our containers to stand strong, no matter the load.

šŸ“ Impressive Dimensions:

  • Length: 6.09 meters (20ft)
  • Width: 2.44 meters (8ft)
  • Height: 2.59 meters (8ft 6)
  • Massive 32 cubic meters of storage space.

šŸ” Why Choose Us?

At ABC Shipping Containers, we go the extra mile to ensure you get the best value for your money. Our containers are meticulously graded to meet your expectations. We don't just sell containers; we customize them to your needs:

šŸšŖ Custom Modifications: Need special features like doors, windows, insulation, electrical outlets, lighting, or air-conditioning? We've got you covered.

šŸŒ€ Ventilation Solutions: We can fit whirly birds and additional vents to enhance air circulation.

šŸ’° Budget-Friendly Options: We offer a wide range of containers in various grades to suit different budgets.

šŸšš Specialized Containers: Looking for something specific? We supply open tops, side-opening containers, flat racks, refrigerated, dangerous goods containers, and high cube containers.

šŸŒ Shipping: Need containers for shipping domestically or internationally? We certify them as cargo worthy and provide the required documentation.

šŸ—ļø Container Rental: If buying isn't in your plans, we also offer container rental services.

šŸšš Relocation Assistance: Planning a local or interstate move? Let our dedicated team handle the logistics and make your relocation hassle-free.

šŸ”’ Trust & Transparency:

Don't fall victim to scammers. We offer the opportunity for you to personally inspect your container to ensure it meets your expectations. Alternatively, we can provide detailed photos of the exact container you're interested in.

Ready to experience the perfect storage or shipping solution? Contact us today, and let's discuss how we can meet your unique needs.

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